Thursday, June 28, 2012

Libraries, Patrons & eBooks

Pew Research Center did a library study for eBook useage and here's the news:

> 75% of nation's libraries loan eBooks -- YAY!
58% of library patrons DO NOT know this  -- BOO!

2/3 of library eBook borrowing patrons say the library's collection is good -- YAY!
56% of the above 2/3 said that they at least once tried to borrow an ebook
only to find it unavailable -- BOO!

Like to learn more about this study? Read the findings at Pew Research Center: Libraries .

Libraries are so dependent on our users to help get information out. Tell 10 of your friends about this and tell them to tell 10 of their friends. Soon that 58% will be 0%!


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