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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Go-Go Gadget

Demographics of gadget ownership. Who exactly does NOT own one??
Pew is at it again!

Libraries, Patrons & eBooks

Pew Research Center did a library study for eBook useage and here's the news:

> 75% of nation's libraries loan eBooks -- YAY!
58% of library patrons DO NOT know this  -- BOO!

2/3 of library eBook borrowing patrons say the library's collection is good -- YAY!
56% of the above 2/3 said that they at least once tried to borrow an ebook
only to find it unavailable -- BOO!

Like to learn more about this study? Read the findings at Pew Research Center: Libraries .

Libraries are so dependent on our users to help get information out. Tell 10 of your friends about this and tell them to tell 10 of their friends. Soon that 58% will be 0%!


New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Obsession

11 New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

Yes, I am a geek. Just learning that I really love some of the titles in these genres.
All you other lovers of sci-fi fantasy NEED to check out this summer's most buzz-worthy geek science fiction and fantasy books. Thanks @wired !

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Do You Think??

How many of these 88 books have you, or will you, read?

The Book That Can't Wait

Argentinean independent publishers Eterna Cadencia released an anthology of new Latin authors using special ink that disappears once it comes in contact with sun and air, completely disappearing within two months time after opening the book. @mashable

Techy Travel Tips

So I offered a program at our library entitled the above...great idea, I thought, but really for an online offering more so than a classroom lecture. Therefore, I'm making this my first official original post!

The idea behind this was to help those with summer vacation ideas firm up planning and also show them how to make travel more fun and easy before, during and after. I found over 60 apps (and there are many, MANY more) that do things from how to pack - "uPackingList" - to offbeat and unique places to stay - "AirBnB" - to sending an actual print postcard back home from your phone and the pictures on its' album - "Postcard on the Run" - to documenting and sharing your experiences after - "TripJournal". I created a Pinterest Board with the above title and descriptions of each of the 60 apps (all free or Lite versions) also print handouts for those who prefer paper.

These were my apps and thanks to for their article in March called "Travel Smarter: Over 100 Top Websites and Apps for Your Next Trip" : .

Pinterest Check out my library's Pinterest page for more info on the above apps:

Top 40 Useful Sites to Learn New Skills

Teen Books to Movies? Cool list...

Teen Books to Movies - what to watch for in the coming months...Thanks "Big Books Tiny Voices"