Monday, July 2, 2012

Tech Cats

Have iPad will pounce... my cats love my iPad. I walk in the door from work and they literally follow me around meowing until I set up one of their favorite games. 
The vid clip above is "Blackie" playing "Cat Fishing".

They have no front claws or I wouldn't even try this, but it occupies (sometimes) hours of their day. They have favorite apps (the vid clip above being a true fave for 2) which include:

"Cat Fishing" (Friskies - vid sample seen above)

"JitterBug" (Friskies)

"Cat Toys"

"Games For Cats"

Check 'em out. If you have a cat, I guarantee they' ll love it!

Today: FREE app on iOS: "Real Fireworks Artwork" (normally $4.99) 
How could a cat not love this one??!! Tap and fireworks appear...

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